Orla Smyth-Mill - Feel Good

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Feel Good is the brilliant, new Channel 4 romantic comedy, written by Mae Martin and Joe Hampson. The series, which also stars Mae, does exactly what it says on the tin - makes you feel (very) good indeed.

Mae and George's relationship is far from perfect, but their witty exchanges and chemistry are simply magnetic. The series doesn't shy away from darker things either, as we discover Mae's difficulties with addiction, identity and denial. The series also has several brilliant appearances from Lisa Kudrow who plays Mae's mum. The result is truly hilarious. It is so beautifully written and brought to life by the marvellous cast and crew. We are particularly proud of our marvellous designer, Orla Smyth-Mill, whose costumes are fantastic.

The entire series of Feel Good is available to view on All4 and continues each Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 4.     


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